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E.Y. – South Carolina

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My daughter sent me your link with the part 1 and 2 videos.

Here's my story... I am a healthy 63 year old female. I, along with my 62 year old husband, got the 1st Moderna vax April 6th, approximately 2pm.

While waiting our 15 minutes in the parking area, I started feeling dizzy. Thought it was just psychological so waited another 10 minutes and decided I needed to drive since I had plans to meet my daughter & her family for dinner.

While I was in an area I know well, I got disoriented trying to drive to the restaurant (that I have been to over 100 times). I had to turn on my navigation to find directions.

The next day, I woke up and the thumb on my left hand hurt really badly, liked I had jammed it or something which I had not. In about 3 days, the thumb stopped hurting however my left hand started having tingling & numbing sensations. Mostly coming from my pinky to my ring finger. The numbness continues to worsen every day. Then both of my feet started feeling like there was tightness in my muscles on the top of both feet when I would step out of bed in the morning. Not painful yet a tightness I've never experienced- (felt like I had tight low socks on or something, which I did not).

From that, came the numbness of both feet combined with tingling...a feeling like my foot/feet ""fell asleep"". (best way I know how to describe it.)

My PCP ran blood work and found that my red blood cell counts were super high and totally not like any other blood work I've had done (same doc for 20 years). PCP doc said and put in his notes signs of heavy metals and arson in my blood. He sent me to a Neurologist, the neurologist ran test, electrical shock treatment & then some needles piercing my skin from my left ankle to my left shoulder. Seems that both the shock & needle treatment was spaced about 2 inches apart from foot to shoulder. Neurologist came to conclusion that I have permanent, non-reversible nerve damage & suggested surgery to possibly move the nerve a bit away from the muscle. Said not sure it will work but that was his only suggestion as he handed me a hand surgeon's business card.

I have not yet seen the surgeon, my appointment for a consultation is Wed 9/8 at 10am. I am not sure I will keep that appointment as my medical insurance is considering this a pre-existing condition and may not be able to cover the cost of surgery.

-C.A. - Texas"

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