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Vaccine Injury of Eric Ryan C. Lintelmann

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Prior to the vaccine, I was a Major in the United States Army Reserve, and on Active Duty orders. I was able to perform well on the new Army fitness test and still run pretty well, despite asthma from burn pits overseas. I would workout almost daily and had no issues working a 9-10 hour day with a 1.75 hour drive each way to work, including a lot of travel for weeks to months at a time. When I got the shot, we had an 18-month-old, I worked 5 days a week and 1 weekend a month, up to 12 days in a row and still spent 1 hour daily exercising and 1-2 hours every other day on the Army's Master's level military education. I had residual back and shoulder pain from military injuries and occasional flare ups of pneumonia because of the asthma, but I was high functioning and expected to continue another 5 years in the Reserves. I was having a good time in the job and there was no reason to believe I would retire without an additional 1-2 promotions.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I originally had a military profile against receiving for the vaccine, given previous minor reactions to flu vaccines, and a rather significant (VAERS reported) anthrax reaction. I attempted to avoid the shot, but knew that my military job and travel would require me to receive the shot. In March 2021, I could delay no longer, and I was ordered to get the shot when there was an opening. This first shot felt fine on administration, and the mandatory observation period passed with no issues. I felt a bit tired, but drove home. An hour after that shot, I felt drunk and my wife explained that my eyes were glassy. Within two hours of the shot, my neck near my thyroid on the shot side swelled and was hot to the touch. I felt itchy all over and tired. The swelling subsided with Naproxen and ice, and I went to bed. The only main lingering effects was fatigue. I submitted a VAERS report because I did not trust the military doctors to submit one, as there were all very pro vaccine and incentivized to ensure high vaccination rates, as a military doctor’s responsibility is to unit readiness, not individual soldier health. Until the next shot, the main issue I had was some increase in fatigue. This was noticeable because it was more fatigue than 12 hour days with 1-2 hours of homework and a 18 month old. The second Moderna shot was on April 30th, 2021. I began to experience debilitating, heavy headaches that were eventually diagnosed as migraines and I could barely complete an 8 hour work day. I had to park my car and rest on my way home to avoid the fatigue that occurred after the migraines. I started leaving my work area to rest in my car or sleep in the middle of the day during work from home times. The fatigue became overwhelming and the migraines always came from the right side of my body, the shot side. Since then, I have had migraine medicines added and nerve block injections, I had nodules on my thyroid noticed on a neck CT scan in 2023 (much larger on right side), and had a fine needle aspiration of the nodules were it was determined that I had no cancer, but have Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disorder that was not noticed previously, and there is no family history of the disease. I had to seek treatment for depression and anger due to the lack of assistance or knowledge of the situation and sought significant therapy for breathing issues, as my body continued to seemingly break down. Working a normal schedule has been extremely hard with the migraines and fatigue and we will likely have to move out of my home state to somewhere cheaper so I can heal. Since the shot, I have had: migraines, addition of an autoimmune disorder, tremors on the shot side, numbness and decreased reaction on the shot side, feelings of numbness on the shot side of my face, chronic fatigue, and occasional flu like symptoms and/or hot flash type feelings, random sweats, and depression. I also cannot remember people’s names and have a hard time making simple schedules for myself. Ultimately, in September 2023, I was retired from the Army for reasons of disability and an inability to perform my duties with my conditions. I continue to work a civilian job, that, despite being very accommodating, is too much on most days.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

My current working therapies include: aggressive, consistent acupuncture therapy; decreasing inflammation of any type through ice and NSAIDS, and diet, if possible, specifically avoiding shelf stable egg beaters at the direction of a friend. Migraines are dulled with 1 sumatriptan or ubrelvy or Nurtec plus 1 tylenol plus 1 Aleve plus a Dr. Pepper, although this will wreck my ability to fully function for 1-4 hours, as it increases lethargy and fatigue. I have to learn to rest at the onset of fatigue or migraine pain and restructure my day or use PTO liberally. Nerve block injections help for a time to decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines. An amazon purchased "Everlasting Ice X" migraine mask helps. Currently nothing assists with Hashimoto's or the fatigue. Therapy is helpful for depression, anxiety, etc. Prepare to spend 2-6 days a month with medical issues. I take all my normal meds, plus a multivitamin, The Wellness Center Spike Support and Nugenix Total T every day.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Avoid stressors at all costs, including environmental ones, too hot, too cold, and workout assuming 75% capacity is your new 100%. Avoid any more shots, and seek what is peaceful. If able, remove yourself from the workforce and relocate to a lower cost area, if necessary. Physical therapy had almost no affect without other treatments.

What would you like others to know?

You need to create an understanding support group. Please limit interactions with people who believe you were not harmed. Simplify your life and get away from stressors, if possible. Know you are not alone in the fight for truth.

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