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F.M. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I received the first Moderna vaccine in early March and had almost zero reaction, not even pain at the injection sight. I was signed up to get Pfizer vaccine but when I got to Anaheim Convention Center they were out of Pfizer. I almost turned around and left, as I felt more comfortable with Pfizer after what I had been reading online. But since it was a long drive from my home and would require a reschedule and back I decided to just take the Moderna.

The second injection was in early April. Let me first say I am 67 years old, but not your normal 67 year old. I have been a competitive lifelong athlete, triathlon, marathon, cycling, swimmer junkie for over 35 years at a very high level. Since age 55 I have been more of a moderate workout nut, but still am a very good swimmer and consistently walk about 15-20 miles a week. I swim 4000 yards three times a week and have been doing so for many years consistently.

The day after the second injection I went to the pool for my normal swim and hit a wall at 1000 yards. I literally had to get out of the pool because I was so fatigued I thought I could pass out and drown. I went home and slept for three hours, just attributing it to the fact that I had just got the second vaccine.

This fatigue has continued ever since, having some good days but mostly bad. I do my best to push through the fatigue in my workouts but have been forced to slow down drastically. I no longer feel energized from my workouts. As soon as I get home I collapse almost every day for a good hour to two hours. Another side-effect I encounter is dizziness and brain fog pretty much all day.

A rather minor side effect by comparison is my hairline has receded another inch since the injection and my hair has probably thinned out about 25% from what I had before the injection. My eyesight has definitely been cut by 20-25% since I got the injection. If I rub my eyes they hurt, like there is pressure in them. I went from looking like ten years younger than my age to looking like I am 80 years old in six months.

Some days when I simply standup or walk around I feel like my body is going through some kind of a meltdown, spending the day basically feeling like a zombie. My focus and concentration is incredibly difficult most of the time.

Being a typical old guy I just figured it would get better over time, but it seems like it is actually getting worse. So this week I am finally going to make an appointment and see what bloodwork and the doctor have to say.

I know my body from years of running, cycling and swimming at a very high competative level. There is no question in my mind that these symptoms came directly as a result of the second vaccine.

It is just so lucky for me that I stumbled across the video of Senator Johnson and Ken Reuttger's wife and now this site. There is literally nothing out there about this calamity on the internet, for six months I thought I was the only one that was experienced this.

Let me just say that I am not an anti-vaxer at all, but seriously, how does someone like me justify getting a booster. And that needs to be addressed for the people that are having ongoing problems.

Because of this website I am optimistic that someone will report that they have had success with some type of treatment and that we can share this information and finally get some help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this together... I no longer feel like I am stranded on an island with no food or shelter. God Bless You!!!

-E.M. - California"

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