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G.N. – New York

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I’m a 54 year old nurse who was hesitant to get the vaccine only because I had a string reaction to shingles vaccine not because I didn’t or don’t believe in the covid vaccine . I was vaccinated in January of this year 1st shot was tolerable second shot I was super sick for the first 24 hours and had debilitating exhaustion after that . Then it began about 12 weeks ago numb feet, weak legs , lightheaded dizzy such severe exhaustion I just wanted to cry every day . I worked at Lyme clinic I hit tested no Lyme prior to Covid shot but now I have the c6 peptide for Lyme - how ?? My feet are so numb that at stop signs or lights I have to place the car in park . I thought I had ms got an mri , the only thing it showed was a shrinking cerebellum . My face is numb, I got iritis , all blood work for auto immune came back negative .I have palpitations . My left arm is exquisitely painful to move .I have tinnitus , I smell cigarette smoke and feel like I’ve smoked and never have . I’ve had appointments with rheumatology, neurology,cardiology bone and joint center so many lab tests everything reveals nothing . I’m useless by the time I get home due to sheer exhaustion. I want my life back I want to feel normal and I’m so afraid this is my life . I’m so thankful that I got your video that pointed me to this site because I feel crazy and I’ve been saying to each dr what about the vaccine ?? They all just look at me like I’m crazy . I know I’m not but there are days I could convince myself maybe I am ??? I can not thank you for this site and the opportunity to not feel crazy even if just for a moment !I just want my life back and wanted to feel someone was listening and believing me

-G.N. - New York"

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