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Gary Adams

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I lived a fairly normal lifestyle. I am disabled to prior spinal surgeries, but never let that control my life. My life revolved around my wife, kids, photography & travel. I loved my life.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Received my vaccine on 4/10/21. On 4/11/21 I was in bed all day with flu like symptoms (fever and major fatigue). On 4/12/21 my life was flipped upside down and haven’t been the same since.

Adverse side effects: Neuro burning from head to toe, falls due to my knees buckling due to nerve pain shooting into my knees / top of my feet (foot swelling), very bad head pain, tremors, confusion, memory loss, tinnitus, dizziness, major fatigue, brain fog, nausea at times, cough, anxiety, insomnia, light and sound sensitivity. There are more, but my memory is so bad. Food and anything put in my body was huge triggers.

I really struggle with my brain still. Severe memory loss, confusion, can’t retain info, head pain and brain fatigue.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Intensive outpatient therapy for 5.5 hours a day (OT,PT,ST). This really helped give me the tools I needed to help take care of myself at home.

Ivermectin - 48mg daily

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). This helped so much with the inflammation brought on by the spike proteins. Really helped with the head pain / tremors / anxiety / insomnia. Really anything full spectrum helped.

NAC/Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Myc-P, Fenofibrate, Nattokinase

HBOT, EBOO ozone therapy & Vitamin IV’s through Dr. Mollie James have been the best therapies & have given me hope & my life back.

Fasting 12-18 hours a day makes a huge difference

Healthy diet (I try to follow a KETO diet, but do cheat with foods I can tolerate) I also avoid foods high in histamines or that can cause inflammation. Dairy, alcohol or foods with anything artificial will give me an instant reaction now. I really didn’t struggle with any food allergies or reactions like this prior to the Vax

Therapy for mental health was very beneficial as well. After suffering for almost two years in my house
Sleep 7-8 hours a day

Which solutions were not helpful?

Ionic foot detoxes
Detox teas / concentrates
Red light therapy
There was so many supplements / vitamins and home remedies we tried with no success.

What would you like others to know?

I was terribly gas lit for almost two years. I was hospitalized within the first week of this and was told on day four that all of this was related to anxiety. I vaguely remember most of this journey, I’m grateful for my wife and kids who had to step up and become my caregivers / POA. I was very much ignored, censored (still a battle on certain platforms) & bullied at times for speaking the truth. If anyone reading this has been gaslit, there is hope and Doctors who care (show compassion). I was put on four different pharmaceuticals related to depression / anxiety. These were clouding my brain even more. I’m grateful to be off of them. If in the Midwest or have the money to travel, Dr. Mollie James & her staff at the James Clinic are a blessing. They saved my life with their therapies.

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