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H.T. – Oregon

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I’m a 46 year old wife & mother of two boys. I took the vaccine early on because I’m a healthcare worker. I believed I was doing my part to help things return to normal.

I had a moderate headache following my first dose. I assumed this meant the vaccine was working. My headache worsened after my second dose & lasted from morning till night, every day. I saw my PCP who ordered an MRI, which was normal. He then said this headache was likely due to “stress” & was in no way caused by the vaccine.

I was referred to Neurology who ordered a another MRI & MRV, which were normal. I was prescribed multiple medications to help with my symptoms, most of which I still take to this day. I also developed numbness & tingling throughout my body, chest pain, heart palpitations, a burning sensation on my face & head, & seizure-like episodes. In addition to Primary Care & Neurology, I’ve sought out help from the ED, Cardiology, ENT, Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, Counseling, Physical Therapy & Chiropractic. I’ve had numerous other tests, including EEG, CTA of head & neck, lumbar puncture, echocardiogram & multiple labs. Everything is normal.

I do not know what has happened to me. My Neurologist eventually diagnosed me with a “pain syndrome” caused by inflammation from the vaccine. The medications I take are helping, but my symptoms are no where near gone & my chest pain seems to be worsening. I have developed increasing anxiety & I sometimes feel like I’m dying.

Having experienced all these adverse effects early on, I felt very alone for a long time. I am grateful to have found this site. I am eager to share my story & hopefully help others to be aware of the dangers of this vaccine. I try each day to move forward, but I am different than I was. I hope I will continue to recover.

-H.T. - Oregon"

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