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J.A. – New Jersey

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/20/21

One hour after my Pfizer Covid shot I experienced a 10 hour migraine type headache with burning pain. Headaches continue on and off with pain in that same area of my head.

Within two days of receiving that shot, I experienced aches and pains throughout my body with major discomfort in shoulders, outer arms, neck, and knees. Along with the pain was a brain fog to the point that I felt I might die. I couldn’t think straight. Days were spent in bed and dizziness occurred when I stood up do anything. I was fatigued. My quality of life was gone. Yes, I am a 78 year old female but was a very active senior with no underlying conditions and now I cannot plan a thing.

It has been three and a half months of trying Medication and seeing doctors. One overnight was spent in the hospital after resorting to the emergency room for help. Nothing has helped me.

It is so good to know that I am not alone with this suffering. Thank you all for reaching out.

J.A. New Jersey

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