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J.A. – Utah

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"Finally a place to be heard. I have started out my story many times on social media saying that I'm just a normal joe. Relatively healthy I do suffer with RA that was under control at the time. I enjoy quilting and I was just going to start up a little business longarming. I received the second dose of moderna on May 6th I didn't have too much trouble with the first shot but do recall this teeth clattering shaking that happened one time. With the second shot, I did the same a couple of times the teeth clattering. I also had severe pain in my arm, red hot and swollen. I wanted to cut my arm off. I was having a few problems that I didn't direct at the vaccine at first. I was having trouble going down stairs, I just wasn't getting my footing right as I couldn't see the stairs right, I thought maybe I was getting older. I was also seeing auras in my left eye, When I was younger I had suffered with migraines I thought maybe it was a migraine but geez I hadn't had one for years. On Monday June 13th I didn't feel good felt like maybe a fever so I took a couple of advils and went to bed. When I woke up on Tuesday same thing felt like a fever but really didn't feel bad, there was one exception I did that teeth clattering shaking again. I remember thinking to myself geez this feels the same as I did with the vaccine. What I forgot to say before is I had traveled up north with a group of sewing friends to a very remote part of Michigan. Nobody had a thermometer and I really didn't feel bad. On Weds. when I woke up, I had this severe pain in the side of my head no fever but had double vision. I got a cold cloth and tried dealing with what I had. I didn't realize how severe the double vision was because I was sitting and sewing and could see close up fine. I honestly thought it was just going to go away . I knew I was going to be going home the next day and would see my regular doctors. Thursday came my friend drove my car home as I couldn't because of the double vision. I had her take me directly to urgent care where I was sent to the emergency room. They're thoughts were a stroke or brain tumor. Great! At the emergency room I had several test MRI CATSCAN bloodwork. I didn't realized before this that my left eye didn't look right, that it was pointing towards my nose. My RA doctor, a neurologist and a eye doctor were all contacted for advice. The MRI showed nothing the catscan normal. The blood work however showed off the charts inflammation. I was started on a high does of prednisone I set up appointments with all the above. Two of the doctors were pointing to GCA temporal arteritis. I had to go into outpatient surgery to get biopsy on both temples. Thankfully the biopsy showed negative.

I went to an appointment with my Ra doctor where I was told it all pointed to the vaccine. The vaccine caused a spike in inflammation that caused nerve damage in my sixth eye nerve. It may repair itself as the inflammation is treated, it may take 6-8 months if at all. Here I sit Still with pain on the left side of my head, double vision, unable to drive, unable to care for my elderly mother. I told you before that I'm a longarm quilter, I'm not able to do that in the same capacity. I think I'm over 30 thousand in medical bills so far, and they are still pushing the fact that the vaccine is safe?

-L.C. - Wisconsin"

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