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J.B. – Colorado

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am an RN of 28 years, for the last seven years of my career I have worked in clinical research. I signed up to get the shot because I wanted to get our life back to normal - to go back to work, for my kids to go back to school, and for a general sense of normalcy in the community. I have always been extremely pro-vax and quite critical of anti-vaxxers.

I am also a certified cosmetic injector of Botox and dermal fillers for 13 years. I’ve had dermal fillers in my face for over 13 years with never an adverse reaction to them. Until…

I went in to get my 1st shot in December 2020, I had just learned two days prior on the news that there might be a possible side effect of swelling with dermal fillers. In fact, for both of my shots, I informed the nurse of this; it wasn’t yet common knowledge. In fact my face did swell slightly but it went down 2 days after each jab.

It was 1 month after my second jab that the filler in my cheek started to grow 4 to 5 times its normal size. My left face became red and swollen, it was hot, and I was running a fever. The CV19 jab was attacking my face, and I felt as though it was going to fall off.

9 doctor appts, 4 months, 11 prescriptions including 3 rounds of prednisone- and it was getting worse. 2 docs that believed it was the jab, 2 that refused. Many lost friends and family because they couldn’t accept my story. The swelling got worse, I had to miss social engagements and work appointments. Some days my face and eye were so swollen that I felt like a monster.

I chose to go off all meds and do my own self healing by increasing my exercise, doing meditation, rejecting negativity (including those people in my life that breed it), adding more supplements like NAC, NMN, and continuing with resveratrol, turmeric, fish oil, b12. I bought a shungite stone to aid in detox.

My face is much better now, and in the meantime I have found out who my real friends are. I refuse to allow my 3 teens to get the jab, more specifically because I have 2 other family members who had even more severe reactions; one on my side of the family and one on my husband’s.

-J.B. - Colorado"

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