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J.B. – Oregon

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


On May 7 , I received my first dose of moderna . I felt nauseous 20 min after but was fine . I went to work . Five hours later I was working driving and my arm was very sore . I quit early . This lasted three days . Arm weakness , achy pain , no fever .

On May 16th , afternoon I got a red rash at the injection site .

It doubled in size the next day very hot to touch .

I had extreme arm pain and no mobility to move it .

On May 17, I saw Blue/ purple / yellow all over my arm and moved to my shoulder. It was scary .

I was diagnosed on May 17 evening with Cellulitis of my arm and shoulder from an on call dr . I got an infection from the antibiotics as women we do taking antibiotics. I ate yogurt , drank a lot of water , kombucha, still got one .

Two weeks later, before church my right calf was fat ! It was full of fluid I couldn’t stand or walk on my right leg . I’ve never had issues ever with fluid in my body before the vaccine . I was given water pills and told to rest . I did just that .

The next day I had sharp muscle spasm pain in my right knee . It kept me up at night and throughout the day 2-4 times I had these bizarre pains . I iced my knee and was told to stay off it got crutches after Mri showed old tear in knee from old injury. Yet before the vaccine I was in perfect health well my body / legs were .

A few days later my left knee was swollen pink and purple hurting so bad with muscle spasms and pain with a fluid sac looking thing in my left kneecap . It was very bizarre. Honestly I felt like aliens were taking over my body . I had no control of what was next . My legs were the strongest part of my body . I survived a jaws of life car wreck in Jan 2017 in Tigard , Oregon . I woke up in the ICU with a torn shoulder, several broken bones and a frontal hemorrhage brain bleed which kept me down for three years with cognitive impairment to my brain . I had an amazing care giver team my dad and son . They stepped up with no questions they took very good care of me . I had to learn alot over , I was a kid in many ways . My career as a longtime marketing manager over . In One split second life changed. I’m humbled lucky to be here , I was getting back to gym in May . I get the vaccine right after May 7 . For weeks I’ve had X-rays , mri, and still no answers . I now months later sleep 2-4 hours a night because the shooting spasms are so painful . I have ptsd and anxiety as it is . This is just too much . It feels like tug of war with my knee caps down to calves both legs . The spasms are so frequent all night long . I take Tylenol and a muscle relaxer but doesn’t really help . To say I’m frustrated is putting it lightly. I’m angry and frustrated because I’ve missed 2.5 months of income because I can barely walk without pain . I don’t understand how I’m being told to just rest when all I did rehabilitating as a survivor as the passenger lost enough years . My Brain injury today still I struggle with some cognitive issues and I realize that is lifelong now . I got the vaccine to protect my loved ones . Both parents got it with no side effects. Entire family same no side effects. I wish I never did .

I had a bizarre Gi illness after a colon attack on the job . The last 13 months I’ve had several er visits multiple procedures , too many Covid tests . I had extreme belly pain eating anything. Drs no clue . I lost weight fast first was told colitis. I don’t smoke rarely ever drink . Then the bloating and pain started . I gained some weight back . I finally stopped and took it in my hands . I started on Tumeric tablets , 46 days today no more belly pain .. I will say if anyone has had a weak immune system DO NOT get the vaccine . I wish they could have warned me . I’m all for the vaccine if you are very healthy. My immune system was weak and I’m dealing with the aftermath of this vaccine trying to be patient but I’m definitely advocating for myself now .

My drs said I don’t have to get the second .. I can already say that’s a 0 brainer .

I’m now waiting on a referral to a neurologist. It’s hard to stay positive when my legs are so weak and I am walking but can’t for long . I hope they figure this out I feel like a lab rat now . I hope this is all temporary. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who is hurting or in pain. I hope someone figures it out so we all can get back to living well enjoying summer !

J.B. - Oregon"

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