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J.E. – Utah

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I’m writing on behalf of my husband. He did the Moderna shots. He did get both. I feel his health is different since receiving the vaccine. He has woken me twice in the night to feel his pulse, scared. He has never done anything like this in our 20 year marriage. His heart will be pounding. He refuses to go to the doctor. He seems more tired and sickly to me. I know he is scared but he’s always very stoic and proud regarding his health.

I also have a coworker get only one of two doses. She described her heart as feeling like pregnancy contractions, with tightness coming and going. She now has to see a cardiologist, she’s been prescribed an inhaler and has been advised by her doctor that yes it was a vaccine reaction and to not get the second dose. Scary scary stuff.

-J.E. - Utah"

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