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J.G. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


After talking to my doctor t length I decided to get the Moderna Vaccine. Little did I know I was 5 weeks pregnant and found out the day after I was vaccinated. I immediately panicked and called my doctor they put me on progesterone since I was early in my pregnancy . Talking to both my primary and OB they encouraged me to finish my Vax series because they said pregnant woman did not do well with covid and the research showed the Vax was safe during pregnancy. They said me being vaxxed would be the best thing because baby would be born with antibodies...

Immediately after my vaxx I had no noticeable side effects from until 3 day later when when my hair started falling out and I felt fatigue. I knew this was not normal. I called my doctor and they chalked it up to stress and the brand of shampoo I was using. I trusted that answer

After completing my vaxx series a few weeks later I had a ""missed miscarriage"" at 10 weeks and found our baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks (one week after my first dose ).

The doctors refused to do genetic testing, saying there was no point and said there was no way it could be the vaccine, ""vaccines don't work that way, they don't effect the baby."" A confusing statement in itself because they said the baby would be born with antibodies.I am so confused and I am almost 100% convinced the vaccine caused the miscarriage.

I regret that I took it almost everyday.

-J.G. - California"

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