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J.G. – Virginia

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 5/24/21

I got the Moderna vaccine on 3/10. I had your usual fatigue, headache and sore arm symptoms that went away after a day or two. However, I grew continuously weaker each day after the vaccine. 6 days after getting the vaccine, I knew something wasn’t

right. I had a lot of new symptoms. Well here I am still dealing with symptoms 10 weeks later. I have had episodes of severe full body tremors. I have had weakness that sometimes slows me down and other times keeps me debilitated in bed all day. I have had constant twitching and popping in my muscles. Internal tremors

and vibrations. I have lost my appetite. I get muscle spasms and cramps that are intense and painful. My joints hurt. Everyday is a challenge.


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