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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I'm an American that has lived in Australia for 10 years. I hold a Doctorate in Audiology, have had all my vaccinations and have even vaccinated my children.

I received my Pfizer shot on 1/6/2021. It immediately felt as though there were worms going down my arm. I had never felt anything like it. I became sick for two weeks but imagined that it was just 'post-shot.' After this flu-like sickness I started having tingling down my legs. It would wake me up at night. For a few months I just felt it in my legs - then it moved to my hands.

Blood tests and CT Scan came back normal. I'm scheduled for an MRI and awaiting my neurology appointment, as I couldn't get in before December. I've tried chiropractics and massage, but this does not change the sensations.

Strangely, I have found that the only thing that lessens the tingling sensation is if I take allergy medicine in the morning.


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