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J.H. – Pennsylvania

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I had the J and J vaccine on May 19, 2021. I woke during the night with ""typical"" side effects. I had fever, body aches, chills, muscle aches. Then the next day seemed better but then the 2nd day after, I started having intense ear and head pain/pressure. Neck pain as well.Such bad pressure I could hardly function. Strange muscle pains in legs too. Felt like bubbles. Now, 3 months later, I still have all those pains in addition to facial/cheek/jaw numbness along with intense pain. I have been to an ENT, said ears are fine. I have had an MRI and that came out clear. I am being treated with Effexor for migraines. Follow up in a couple more weeks once I am on the full dose. I am seeing a PCP next week for more blood work. This has been pure torture since May 19, We have all been scammed and are human guinea pigs. And to boot, I also got Covid a month ago. I wish I had never been duped into believing this would help. I am miserable and wish I could go back to May 18, 2021 and NEVER have taken this POISON.

-J.H. - Pennsylvania


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