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J.L. – New York

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


On January 22, 2021, almost exactly 48 hours after receiving my second vaccine, I started have tingling in both feet. The tingling soon progressed all over my body and was soon accompanied by numbness, muscle twitches, hot & cold sensations, electric shocks, burning sensations, muscle tightness, decreased balance & coordination, no reflexes, and muscle fatigue that often felt like weakness. I have had numerous appointments with neurology and my PCP, along with a bunch of different tests such as labs, MRIs, EMG/NCS, spinal tap, and skin biopsy. All tests have come back normal with the exception of a low B12 serum level and a positive skin biopsy result showing small fiber neuropathy. Initially, I also showed an elevated protein level taken from my spinal tap but after they did the calculations (because it was a “traumatic” tap that contained blood) I was told it was normal. I would say I was a healthy 38yo female before all of this started. I’ve showed some improvement in my balance, coordination, numbness, and twitching, but battle the tingling, burning, muscle fatigue, and an overall soreness daily. I have some good days and some really bad days and am so hopeful for healing soon.


-J.L. - New York"

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