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J.M. – Nevada

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"Within 10 minutes of the first shot I was having chest pain and PVC’s. Within 1 hour I was having numbness in my mouth face and tingling I got arms and feet that then turned to burning pain. I have tachycardia, blurred vision, hearing and memory issues. I just got new glasses in September and the prescription is already not strong enough. I have seizures, I think of new ways to kill myself daily. I have written down letters to my children and husband and gave my son all access to my bank, credit, and life insurance as well as letting him know that I want a DNR done. I am in process of getting a living will and a DNR done. I cry daily and can’t function I have lost about 75 percent of my hair since getting vaccinated in September. I am tired all the time my throat feels like it’s closing. I force myself to eat because I got down to 94 lbs. I am back around 130 but struggle daily to eat. I am 5’7 so I am at a healthy weight now but that fluctuates daily. I have edema. I struggle daily to get out of bed and put on a fake smile. I am a hairstylist and I struggle to remember color formulas even though they are in my phone. I cry all day. I spoke with my Dr. who informed me that several patients committed suicide within a week of the first shot. I hate feeling this way. I hate what the government has forced upon us. I have zero libido anymore. I make excuses not to leave the house. I am miserable I am praying this gets better before I do commit suicide. I have moments where I am happy but that disappears rather quickly. No one in my life understands the stress or the problems I deal with daily. The only thing that has prevented me from committing suicide is the fact that I know what affects it will have on my family. I know suicide isn’t the answer but it is all I think about. My children and husband don’t understand and my daughters wedding is in June and I want to be there but don’t know if I will be around for it. I am praying daily for relief, but don’t think it will ever come.


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