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J.N. – Washington

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"After my first pfizer shot I had no typical side effects and thought I had gotten away with not feeling bad (no fever or fatigue). Exactly 2 weeks after the first shot I developed abdominal pain, went to ugent care and they sent me to the hospital. I had an appendectomy on Easter. Luckily my appendix was removed before it ruptured.

I received my second shot on schedule and exactly 2 weeks later I developed burning mouth syndrome and ""covid tongue"". While typing at work I suddenly lost function/feeling of my right arm. The left side of my face went numb and my speech was garbled. I was rushed to the ER. I couldnt perform simple tasks or answer questions. When they asked for my ID, somebody else had to get it out for me and show them. I had an MRI, ECG and a lot of bloodwork. Eveything came back ""normal"" with the exception of a very high white blood cell count. I was sent home even though cognitively I could barely function. I don't remember the next 3 weeks. I had round the clock care from friends and family and they say I was like a zombie. I regained function/feeling in my arm and my congitive abilities have improved (still not 100%. I have brain fog) Medications I'd been taking for 10 years prior to the vaccine will trigger my symptoms and I can no longer take them. My heart rate gets elevated at the slightest exertion, I had heart palpitations for months after the vaccine that would wake me from a dead sleep. I live in constant fear that something else is going to happen and although I'm thankful to be alive, living in fear is a horrible way to live.

-J.N. - Washington"

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