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J.O. – Moderna

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I had to have Cardiac surgery because of the vaccine.

I got the Moderna shot at 6pm on 3/2, at 8am on 3/4 my heart was racing at 190BPM. I had mild heart issues (lite arrhythmia) back in 2015 but nothing since then, not one damn skipped beat. This rapid heart rate has now happened multiple times (7) including feeling faint on 3/16. I schedule an appt with a cardiologist on 3/22.

Many tests were done - Echocardiagram, Holter Monitor, stress test, bloodwork, ekg, etc. Heart appeared healthy, monitor showed, Afib, PAC and SVT happening often.

On 4/8 I was rushed to the ER a with 190 BPM heart rate that was sustained for over 2 hours. Was admitted for testing. On 4/13 I was admitted back into the hospital for an ablation surgery. My chest still hurts and months later, I have very limited energy.

-J.O. - Moderna"

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