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J.O. – New York

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I got my one and only Moderna vaccine on January 7th. Three hours later I started feeling a strong burning sensation in the right upper quadrant of my abdomen. Over the next few days it got worse. I would say it felt like my body was put in a vise and squeezed and then at the same time I was being electrocuted. The pressure and pain was unreal. I eventually went to my doctor when I realized the condition wouldn’t go away on its own. I went through a whole gambit of tests , doctors , and medications. No doctor could say for sure what happened to me, but they said it was probably caused by the vaccine. I am still dealing with the effects of the vaccine today. I am somewhat better, but not back to normal by a long shot. Prior to getting the vaccine I was perfectly healthy and had no pain whatsoever. Today I have constant pain in my right side and spine. I reached out to Moderna to tell them what happened and they are useless. I talked to Moderna four separate times and each time the said they would follow up with and send me information to fill out, but they never did! Moderna is a joke. I want the world to know what is really going on with theses vaccines. The government is covering this up.

J.O. - New York"

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