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J.P. – Massachusetts

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I got my first Moderna Covid vaccine shot on 4/18/21.

Two days later I was completely wiped out, exhausted and had extreme headaches.

By the third day in addition to above, I couldn’t think and had to stay home from work.

I never understood what brain fog was until then. I had 5 weeks of severe brain fog. At times I had to sit down as I felt like I was drunk. I was slurring my words. Couldn’t remember peoples names that I’ve worked with for 10 years. Very scary.

My family describes my symptoms of those of a sttroke victim.

I remember thinking that I cannot live the rest of my life like this.

On day 12 I broke out with a very itchy blustery rash on both of my forearms. The blisters were gone by the next morning, but they remained blotchy for days.

By the end of the 5th week the severe brain fog mostly subsided. However, today is August 5, 2021 and I still wake up every morning with a headache that persists the entire day.

I also sleep 10 hours per day and I am still exhausted. I used to sleep 6 hours. I’m otherwise a healthy person and was prior to getting this shot.

I still have lots of moments a day where I have trouble finding words. I call it a Moderna moment to shed some humor on the not so humorous moments.

I’ve seen the MGH Allergist that’s collecting info on post vax issues. I recently saw and MGH infectious disease doctor and I’m now scheduled to see see a neurologist in October (soonest appt I could get).

I never had COVID and was tested often.

Doctors (other than one listed above) are recommending I wait to figure this out before getting 2nd shot.

No way I’m getting another one.

Best wishes to those that are living this hell with me.

-J.P. - Massachusetts"

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