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J.S. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


This is my Mother's story. At 92 years old, former nurse, and pro-vaccine, my Mom was walking with the aid of a walker, able to navigate stairs, and handle most of her own hygiene, in and out of bed and chairs and eating unassisted, able to dress herself, and engaging in conversations with clarity and a good memory. Very informed with current affairs. Then she had her 2nd vaccination, within 3 days, she had an episode where she suddenly could not walk, and was in excruciating pain mostly in hip/leg area on right side. She had MRI, CT and X-rays, and other tests at the hospital, and after 2 weeks and no diagnosis, she was released on a stretcher to her home. Her symptoms were mainly muscular and neurological, no use of legs, could not sit up or get out of bed, bladder did not empty, so catheters had to be used for 10 days to relieve her, no feeling or control of bowels movements, did not open eyes normally, needed constant reminders to open them, confused and weak, had to be fed by hand at first as she lacked the coordination, trouble swallowing and speaking. Now bedridden, she started to have slight improvements for a couple of weeks. She opened her eyes, fed herself, and was less confused, however, the pain starting coming back with a vengeance and after after a 6 weeks she suffered a massive stroke which the hospital said was a large bleed, from a clot, and did not recover. She died on May 17th. We were not heard, the hospital would not even consider there was any relation to the timing of the vaccination. We had 2 designated power of attorneys and a letter from her primary care Dr. which stated that we were to make all medical decisions on her behalf. They denied access, and asked the confused, 92 yr old, on huge doses of pain medications several questions regarding her medical care instead of contacting the POA's. This caused many issues, and prevented the opportunity for a 2nd opinion at another hospital, and the test that would have determined if this was from Gullian Barre syndrome, a rare, but often mis-diagnosed reaction to vaccinations. She had most of the symptoms. Please continue to collect the stories from the pro-vaccination group who suffered dearly, and in her case, died trying to do their part in ending the pandemic. Thank you for what you are doing.

-J.S. - California"

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