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J.S. – Washington

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My reaction following my first and only dose in February, 2021 has been an ongoing, multifacted hyper-immune response.

1. After initial reaction (most notably debilhitating fatigue, body aches, etc.), migraine set in. I take monthly Emgality injections and had not had a painful migraine in more than two years. Despite my injections, migraines have continued, and I am now on Nurtec as well.

2. In the 32 days after my vaccine, I had three separate cycles/periods of bleeding. I have NO previous history of interruptions or irregularities in my menstrual cycle except pregnancies.

3. The initial pain and aching has never completely calmed down. I had knee surgery in Nov. of 2020 and was healing quite well. After the vaccine, my entire body has been sore, swollen, arthritic, painful... my carpal tunnel symptoms have been under control with VB6 since I was 18... until now. My carpal tunnel and general soreness now often affect my sleep.

4. My perotid gland became swollen (no history of this and no explanation as to why it happened), & I had to go on antibiotics (always accompanied by other issues, of course) and pain relievers for that.

I have completely changed the way I eat for the better over the past month, and symptoms are improved slightly but seemingly relentless. These adverse reactions have affected my job, family, activity level, & general quality of life.

-J.S. - Washington"

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