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J.Z. – New Jersey

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am a 41 year old mother of 3. I received my 2nd Moderna covid vaccine in my left arm on April 13th. Like many people, I was glued to the news, and scared for myself and my family.

2 weeks after my 2nd shot, I experienced what doctors believe to be 2 of which occurred while I was driving with my daughter.

After multiple tests, including CT scans, MRIs, and neurology visits, it’s been determined that my brain is completely fine with no abnormalities or significant reasons for what happened. Despite this, I am now on seizure medication and I’m unable to drive for 6 months. I’m now set to undergo an ambulatory EEG, where electrodes are placed on my head for 5 days- I will be unable to leave the house, bathe, or sit outside in the sun during this time.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a large hard lump in my left breast. After a 3 hour visit to the imaging center with mammograms and ultrasounds, it was determined that I didn’t have just one, I had 7 (!) large masses in my left of which was BIRAD stage 4, which meant it was very suspicious for malignancy. This week on Tuesday, I underwent a fine needle biopsy on that lump, and yesterday was informed that it is a benign fibrous mass. It should be noted that my right breast is completely clear of any masses or abnormalities.

While waiting for the results of the breast biopsy, I discovered a large lump that suddenly appeared in my left lower abdomen near my c section scar. My lower left abdomen is now very noticeably protruding, because of the prominence of the lump. It was determined yesterday via ultrasound that this lump is scar tissue that has just somehow appeared after a cesarean section that I received 15 years ago.

I have scoured the internet daily for similar experiences, or any information regarding side effects similar to what I’ve been through. Unfortunately, most people’s posts have been reported and suspended for talking about it, so it’s been quite a challenge.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. I like to think that I am an overall intelligent HEALTHY person who has seen firsthand the horrible effects of covid and what it does to people and their families. The safety of my family is ALWAYS my first priority.

But I know that none of these issues that I’ve experienced (all on the left side of my body, which is where I received my vaccine) can be written off as coincidental.

I didn’t write this to debate or argue with people about this va**ine. I believe that everyone should always do what is best for their families, which is why my husband and 3 daughters are vaccinated as well.

But I think if something doesn’t seem right about something, people should absolutely be able to speak up about it. They should be able to talk to friends and family without worrying about their views and beliefs.

This shouldn’t be a taboo subject because of fear of going against “the greater good” of society. I’ve realized after dealing with all of this, that there is a recurring theme happening here in many ways....fear. Fear of sickness, fear of dying, fear of going against what our leaders are telling us, and fear of starting disagreements with people we care about.

But I know my body. And I know that my body was different before I received that second shot. Something happened inside of my body after April 13th. And I refuse to be afraid to talk about it and share my experience.

Listen to your body. And if something isn’t right....please don’t be afraid to speak up.

-J.S. New Jersey"

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