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Vaccine Injury of Jamie

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Everyday I could wake up with energy and able to enjoy life without preparation. To wake up and chase my baby around without fatigue or worry. It was a beautiful happy and healthy life.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

In spring of 2021. I did what I thought was a safe and health decision for our family. I have elder parents and an infant at the time, I wanted to make the “right decision.” As I was distributed the J&J shot it felt like any other poke until 48 hours later I had collapsed onto the floor of my bedroom and was rushed to the ER for a stroke. I was only 29 years old. Suffered what they medically refer to as a “silent stroke” since all indications were that I had suffered a stroke but after countless CTC scans and MRI no blood clot was detected. However, the joint pain I had felt in my legs for three masts post injury was insane. Pain joint along with a twisting charle horse feeling up my calves, I could hardly walk. I regained strength but still have suffered neurological issues since my injury. I was extremely gaslighted by my discharge doctor in the ER that following morning claiming I was “ overreacting”and “making it up.” Yet the night shift of doctors knew that this was no laughing or false matter. This was the first time I was gaslighted. After I was discharged on national news they had announced the recall for the J&J and temporarily had taken it off the shelf. Four weeks later I was rushed back to the hospital for an infection in my uterus, zero relation to any STDs but the doctor believed it was in coloration with my stroke. At the time they were not disclosing that for certain but labs had shown it was caused by something else. I knew that’s what it was. Six weeks after that I endured a very hard mental breakdown, flood gates opened of trauma I had suppressed was brought to the surface due to my stroke and I was faced with not only a depressive episode but lingering brain fog. Thankfully I have been able to seek therapy through this and privileged enough to receive that care. However my medical debts from my injury have been hard to keep up with during these wild economic times. I held one job post recovery but was not able to stay due to lack of child care and my ongoing health challenges and taking time off. Post injury I get on set vertigo leading to my cycle. It’s still one of my longer side effects post injury. My most lingering side effects have to be dizziness, vertigo and neurological issues to date.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Post injury I have seemed naturalpathic medicine as I am disgusted with majority of bigpharma and medical in America as a whole. Nettles has really helped combat my symptoms, going on a green juice and celery juice cleanse for twelve months. Lemon balm and l theanine along with other herbal medicines have subsided my linger symptoms. One thing I am still working through is the neurological aspect and vertigo/dizziness but I only get if triggered by motion sickness or my menstrual cycle. Honestly I believe in frequency healing as well. I have found amazing resources for this. Additionally becoming more active as I can be again, while still regaining the strength to do so. Red light therapy and ice baths have also benefited me as I am just getting into those to combat my auto immune responses. What has been healing is being able to become more active again, take cold plunges and swims into the sea and find healing for myself through nature.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Relying on doctors who have gaslight me and wanted to prescribe me to countless heart medications that would have done more harm than good. Being turned a blind eye by officials who have not called me or contacted me after I almost lost my life to a stroke.

What would you like others to know?

They are not alone in this battle. You aren’t crazy and your story and injury is valid. It’s a fight but it’s worth moving forward. To never take a day for granted.

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