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Jana M. // Germany

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

The last six months before vaccination was great. We were very active. Have made trips with the children and often barbecued in the garden with friends. In the fall I wanted to go on vacation with the kids and then continue my studies, I was really looking forward to that.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"After a little over a week, I suddenly started having vision problems, tremors, and it felt like electricity was running through my body."

Jana M

Hessen, Deutschland

Describe your Symptoms and the timeline of your reaction.: It started with a burning headache in the evening after vaccination and lassitude. The next morning it was over, but came back in the evening. After three days I got tingling sensations in the left side of my body, which spread. After a little over a week, I suddenly started having vision problems, tremors, and it felt like electricity was running through my body. In the emergency room I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and polyuria. Otherwise everything was normal, including the CT scan. The whole thing always came in fits and starts and was not continuous. In between I often had nausea, dizziness and headaches.

After a few days I suddenly had stroke-like symptoms (totally slowed thinking and speaking, feeling as if I were hanging in a cloud, but also total relaxation. Weakness in the right side of my body and I could not lift my legs when lying down). Also, all of a sudden, I couldn't feel the right side of my face. So again to the emergency room and this time admission to neurology. There it got worse and worse, numbness in the whole body and a totally stiff neck. At the peak I could only lie on my back with my head down and look at the ceiling. Not operating a cell phone, didn't know what city I was in, what day it was, everything completely overwhelmed me, I could barely communicate. I was constantly having adrenaline rushes out of nowhere. In the meantime, I couldn't move the top half of my face at all, I couldn't wrinkle my forehead at all, and my eyes wouldn't open or close properly. I had no more tear fluid and had to put eye drops in permanently.

After waking up, it took forever until I could open my eyes again, because they felt as if they were filled with sand. As soon as I got up I felt dizzy and weird and had pressure on my ears and in my head. I had and still have aching limbs, I start to freeze and get goose bumps everywhere that don't go away and I feel like I'm getting a fever but I don't get it. I also got diarrhea at the beginning during the "attacks" and especially in the morning I was incredibly nauseous. I can only eat a little throughout and have lost ten kilos. My eyelids are constantly swollen and when it's bad again, I can't really "finish" yawning. Out of nowhere my joints get inflamed, red, burning, swell. Then it goes away again. I have a hardened area in my right elbow that hurts. 2 MRIs, several nerve measurements and blood tests found a slight cell count increase, which worsened slightly with steroid pulse therapy. Otherwise, absolutely nothing was found. Only these high blood pressure values again and again. Then there were feelings of pressure on the chest, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, the skin between my fingers and on my face peeled off like a sunburn. I was thirsty all the time during the bad phases, but it just ran through me and I had to go straight to the bathroom and felt like I was drying out from the inside. The skin on my hands and feet and face is also super dry all the time even though I drink a lot. I woke up at night because I couldn't breathe and couldn't move or breathe for a few seconds. Then the feeling shot into my body, like with lots of pins and needles, like when you lay on an arm too long and it falls asleep. Then I could gasp for air again. I was given 1000mg of methylprednisolone for three days and the symptoms slowly receded and I was discharged. After a few days, unfortunately, it started again. My blood pressure fluctuates like crazy, I get tachycardic every time I just stand up, I have permanent pressure on my chest. I have zero resilience, can only lie in bed. Then, after I had a pulse of 160 lying down at my family doctor's office, I was back in the hospital, this time in cardiology. Long-term ECG showed permanent sinus tachycardia. Long-term blood pressure, cardiac echo and blood were unremarkable. I reacted to a beta blocker with itching all over my body (also a symptom I have more often now).

My symptoms completely match Post Covid and Pots, but without Corona infection (several negative antibody tests before vaccination and a negative nucleocapsid test and PCR test afterwards). My skin, especially on my hands and feet turns from white, to red, to blue. Sometimes it almost looks like it is transparent, you can see every vein. Then it feels like there is no blood at all in the small vessels and then again my veins are extremely prominent. I often feel sick and dizzy, I can't think and concentrate properly. For a few days it has been getting better, my pulse doesn't always rise quite so high anymore and I can walk a few meters. Nevertheless, there are always relapses, with sudden high pulse when standing, discoloration of the limbs, pain in the limbs, feeling of fever without fever, confusion. My joints become inflamed out of nowhere. Twice I just fell over because my muscles started burning all at once and then just let go. I had a continued stay in cardiology because my exercise ECG was abnormal. A cardiac MRI showed changes in the heart, probably the end of myocarditis (echoes and blood were always unremarkable). Meanwhile, Pots has been diagnosed with tilt table and Schelling test. As well as a disturbed vasoconstriction. Autoimmunopathy and vaccine induced inflammatory reaction is suspected.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Time Pacing Steroids Sartans and Statins Wim Hof Breathing

Which solutions were not helpful?

Supplements (don’t know if anything helped) Antibiotics (against lyme disease) Ozone therapy

What would you like others to know?

 In my opinion an early enough treatment with steroids could be helpful.

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