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Vaccine Injury of Jeffrey Weisel

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

i had two jobs, one working for meals on wheels doing outreach and delivery and i was doing hospice care for friendly folks of dublin, n.h. i was a skier, a mountain biker, had a girlfriend, my own rented space.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I contracted covid19 in Dec 2020 while doing hospice care at Summerhill Nursing Home in Peterborough, NH.   My experience of it was as a mild flu, lasting just a few days, with only my senses of smell and taste being affected ongoingly.  Upon returning to work I asked if I really needed the vaccine thinking I should have natural immunity, but I was told it would only last 3 months (and I’ve often wondered about the source of that misinformation).  I couldn't afford to stop working so I got my pfizer shots in Feb and Mar 2021, foolishly trusting the safe and effective narrative.  25 days after my second dose, on April Fools Day no less, I awoke to excruciating pain in my mid and low back, right hip and right leg.  Contractions were turning my muscles into what felt like steel cables and my bones were getting pulled so severely I had searing nerve pain.  Without insurance, I went to urgent care and was treated with prednisone and flexeril that had no affect.  I then also developed a host of other symptoms: chronic tinnitus 24/7, severe acid reflux, a tachy-brady heart condition, hearing loss (I quite suddenly needed closed captioning), memory loss, loss of visual acuity, skin issues, very low energy, I feel like I'm aging rapidly with a sudden increase in arthritic symptoms previously absent, taste and smell haven’t normalized, and I have what I call "brain throb" when it feels like there are moments of sudden pressure in my skull that are scary and make me fear I may suffer a stroke.  I ate literal handfuls of ibuprophen and used lidocaine patches to survive work but had to quit within two months. I had no income so my ex-wife and son generously took me in.  Eventually I found Dr Syed Haider online who prescribed ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and prednisone, which I supplemented with n-acetyl cysteine and z-stack and some accupuncture and chiropractic care, which had to stop due to a lack of funds and the fact the I had to file for backruptcy.  Those combined treatments brought my pain under control to the point that most days I can survive without the otc pain killers, though not without pain. Two years later l’m living with this host of symptoms.  Still unable to work, I've been forced to start my social security payments 7 years earlier than planned, reducing my monthly payments, costing me dearly so I am unable as yet to move to my own place, and I had to apply for snap – both humiliating after a life of working.  Without the kindness of my ex-wife and the love of my son and my dog I'm uncertain I would have survived to the present.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

ivermectin (3courses), fluvoxamine (2 courses), prednisone (2 courses). until i took these i was in extreme daily pain. now my pain is mostly tolerable with bad days and moments due to chronic muscle tension and nerve pain that continues. aside from that i have also taken nattokinase and have been detoxing with edta creme and zeolite.

Which solutions were not helpful?

going back to my primary care doctor who insisted that my spinal condition was only chronic and not affected by a life changing neuromuscular event of 4-1-21 that caused me to lose my job, my girl, my home and my health.

What would you like others to know?

various injuries from the vaccines are real. i'm a convert, never used to think about it and now i know first hand, along with millions of others whose voices are just beginning to be heard.

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