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Jim Visén

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a hard working yr old dad to a lil boy at the age of 2. I worked with healthcare, and freelanced as a musician so I was always busy.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

both me and my family have struggeled a-lot the last year. I was diagnosed with lungembolia back in 2021. The first symthoms came ~ 24h after the vaccination = dizzyness, increased heartrate, fatigue..yeah the list is long. I ended up at the hospital after some days and got worse for every day. And the dr's for sure found what was going on with me in the 11th hour, i started to feel like I was drowning (still able to breathe) they found tiny tiny bloodclots in every lungvessel, invisible to bloodsamples and normal x-rays, they tried everything. The clots could only be seen with a nuclear x-ray. I was put on anti-cougalants pills sept 2021-22 i got cured. the pills were withdrawn, the doctors said: you are perfectly healthy, and your age (26) and weight etc you'll be fine. I stopped the treatment on sept 8th-22 and collapsed 2 weeks later and was rushed to The hospital on sept 25th, they didnt believe me even though my spo² level decreased they still went by the book so they checked me out. Got rushed back to the ER 3 days later and convinced the dr to had me go through a nuk x-ray, i was right! the clots was back and covered both my lungs. [In TWO WEEKS?] I was put on anti-coagalants again, got better, but on october the 15th i collapsed ib charp chest pain and was rushed to The hospital w an ambulance, i got worse at the hospital, and started to feel like I was drowning again so I paniced and started to demand that the doctors would try anything or have me moved to another hospital, that resulted in that they treated me like a mentally ill patient. Not the best treatment when you are feeling that you are dying. And all i heard was what my son said before I went out that day i collapsed

" daddy dont go! Dont you wanna play with me anymore?
- daddy Will be back soon i promise!
I did not return home that day and
I did not get back to normal after October, my memory is horrible, i cant remeber things, im getting new clots if my blood is too thick. Can't move as i wish. Im losing weight, Hugo body muscle and joint pain, there is soooooo much

I want justice, especially for my 4yr old son, since to furure is unclear

To be confirmed: microclotting?

Please call me for more info, I speak perfect english, it takes too much energy to write

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Anti-coagalant pills and shoots

Which solutions were not helpful?


What would you like others to know?


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