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Vaccine Injury of John Murray Davis

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Very healthy. Physically active. Weight lifter, rode my road bike and could do 10 sets of 10 wide grip pullups.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

1st Pfizer Shot - EW0162


I had sharp pain in my jaw on both sides 15 minutes after taking the Pfizer Vaccine. I started having joint pain mostly in my arms and muscle pain in my body, but the most in my arms. My symptoms faded into the second shot.

2nd Pfizer Shot - ER8729


After the second shot. My symptoms from the first shot went away for a few days. I had weird sensations in my brain, including a sensation of cool water flowing through my brain around the second day. I had other fluttering sensations that would move around.

After a few days, my muscle pain became more intense. My hands and feet and tongue began to swell up and my joints in my hands began to swell and hurt. My muscles in my arms felt like they were contracting and pulling my fingers in. It felt like I had pressure behind my eyes. My neck was stiff and I started to have numbing sensations on my head and face that would come and go. I had headaches and sometimes it felt like I had fluttering in the center of my brain. I had sensations that felt like an alien was crawling up my back. I also felt very fatigued. I then had what I would call my first attack where I felt really weak and I thought I was going to faint. My heart started racing. I felt like I was having a stroke. That is when I went to the hospital the first time. June 9th, 2021 - University of Washington Emergency Room - The second attack, my body was having involuntary muscle spasms all over. My muscles were shaking in an involuntary manner. I felt very weak and I felt like I might faint. I ended up going to University of Washington Medical Center. All tests came back normal both times. The third attack was muscle spasms mostly in my neck and mouth below my tongue. I was not sure if my airway was going to close. It lasted about 45 minutes. I tried to relax and meditate to make it go away. In both my hands and wrists, with my right middle finger, I was not able to make a fist due to arthritis like symptoms in my finger joints and the hair on my head has continued to fall out since getting the second COVID Shot. This lasted for 10 months.

Today - 04/10/2024 - I have chronic fatigue. My endurance is half of what it was before taking the Pfizer shots. I have swelling and pain in my muscles and joints in both my hands, feet, legs and ankles. My hands, wrists, forearms, toes, feet and ankles feel like they have been soaked in ice cold water in perpetuity. I have arthritis like symptoms, but do not have arthritis. My muscles are not the same. My muscles fatigue quickly and hurt and ache after physical use. I have sharp muscle pains that happen all over my body that come and go, but have persistent muscle and joint pain.

Today - 04/10/2024 - Small Fiber Neuropathy - Swelling and Consistent Pain - Arms, Hands, Ankles and Feet, general fatigue, muscles quick to fatique. Burning skin on my legs above my ankles.

What would you like others to know?

Yes. Everyone needs to hear about what happened to me.

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