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Jose A. // USA

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"After getting vaccinated I started having chest pain and pressure followed by tachychardia".Instagram page Jab for Injuries offers this story of Jose A:

My name is Jose Alas. I have been ill for over 7 months due to the Covid Vaccine. I had the Covid Vaccine March and April 2021. After getting vaccinated I started having chest pain and pressure followed by tachychardia.

In around July 2021, 3 months after the last dose of the vaccine, I had an episode of tachycardia followed by extreme pain which it felt like something ripped and moved inside my chest. Afterwards, I noticed I had tachycardia 24/7 with very low blood pressure around 65/50.

I have been to the ER over 70 times and been seen by 6 cardiologists andn 2 electrophysiologists. None have been able to diagnose me. They always did the same exams, EKG, blood work and x-rays which come back normal according to them.

Just recently I started seeing a new cardiologist, who suspects I have pericardium rupture which cuase a herniation of my heart. Meaning that the pericardium, the skin-like sack that covers the heart, has a hole and the heart is sticking out through it.

People don’t believe me that the vaccine did this to me. They are always like nothing happened to me mentally so they act like it’s not true.

All I know is two weeks after the Moderna vaccine, I started experiencing strange blood pressure and heart rate fluctuations. I would be laying in bed without doing anything and my heart rate would increase from 65 to 150, while my blood pressure would go from 115/70 to 150/100. I thought I was having a panic attack, but it wasn’t.

I didn’t know what was happening I thought it was anxiety doing it. I started taking anxiety meds and my heard did that again after the second dose. I didn’t make no connections because I didn’t expect side effects weeks or months after the vaccine. I started to think medication or mold was doing this to me, but I never heard someone’s heart doing this to them with medication or mold.

I ended up in the ER multiple times. Just to be told I didn’t have anything. Yet when I showed the doctors and nurses what my heart would do, they would still dismiss it as just anxiety. I even thought I had POTS which is a type of tachycardia when you stand up. But even then the cardiologist says I don’t have that.

Now my son also has the same symptoms. Very fast heart rate when he stands up. My son didn’t want to take the vaccine but I convinced him to do it because he is going through the same thing. I feel really bad he is going through this and it’s my fault for not listening to him. My son’s heart even goes fast and slows down while he is laying down. There’s nothing that doctors can do and they don’t admit what’s going on either with some people.

I wake up with extremely low blood pressure every day and with very rapid faint heart beat. My heart beat is 80-90 with very low blood pressure of 86-50. When I stand up, my blood pressure doesn’t go up like it used to. Instead my heart rate just goes to 108-115. My heart beat feels fainter and fainter every day.

I don’t know what to do because I tried almost everything. This is not normal and I don’t know if I would ever feel better again. All I know is God is with me and my family.

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