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Juliana Borgiani Geiger

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My life prior COVID-19 was great, the only disease I had was Hashimoto's disease that was well under control.
March 2020 I got COVID-19. The acute phase was bad, I had encephalitis, then a hemorrhagic stroke. But I did recover and had no long COVID symptoms for 1 year.
I got the 2 dosages of Pfizer vaccine in 2021 (second dosage was in May). Then I started having all these chest pains like I was having a heart attack every day. It took 4 months to figure out because I found the best doctor. I was diagnosed with microvascular disease. At the same time I was also dealing with another DAVF in my brain related to the 2020 infection.

I did start feeling better after medications. But then I had a GI infection, in August 2022 another COVID-19 infection that brought me small fiber neuropathy. The chest pains were getting worse again.

But then in October 2022 another booster that made my heart a lot worse. The day I got the vaccine my heart was going crazy, weird heart beats and stabbing pains. The Zio Patch showed I had SVTS, second degree AV block and ventricular bigeminy (something I didn't have before). I think that came with vaccine. Also my Apple Watch caught 2 episodes of AFIB (I now have a loop recorder monitoring). I also have been diagnosed with Dysautonomia.

Both virus and vaccine are a disaster for me.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Lots of Chest pains , like a heart attack.
Brain fog, lack of concentration.
Stomach pains
Lungs feel like it's going to burst
Exercise intolerance

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Lisinopril, Nebivolol, Diltiazem (only 30mg ad a higher dosage makes Dysautonomia worse), Mestinon, LDN, Nattokinase, CoQ10

Which solutions were not helpful?

120mg Diltiazem

What would you like others to know?

Long COVID is real. We are having no support from either SSDI or Long term private insurance as they don't believe in us. Seriously how can I be denied disability after having a hemorrhagic stroke, 3 brain surgeries (including a craniotomy), microvascular disease, Dysautonomia . My brain is not the same, I can't have the stressful job I had because that's not good on my heart.

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