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K.F. – Rhode Island

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I received my first shot of Moderna in February. I am

A physical therapist. Within first 10 min of shot tachycardia and burning nerve pain in my hands and feet that spread up my arms. I was given a Benadryl to chew. Things seemed to resolve until later that evening I was woken with tachycardia. I developed hives in my arm 8 days later. My cardiac arrhythmia continued on and off for weeks. Two weeks after shot developed peripheral burning in nerve pain the progressed to my entire body.

I have see a neurologist who didn't know what to do for me. I now have. Cardiologist and I now have new heart arrhythmia that I didn’t have before the shot and burning nerve like pain all over my body and joint pain as if my joints are wearing down. I have uncontrolled muscle twitches. I have increased anxiety and panic attacks which I never had before which can all be signs of histamine response.

I was perfectly healthy prior to my vaccine. I am now waiting to see allergist. A functional nutritionist put me on antihistamine diet and recommended D-hist supplement. Things seem to improve, when I go off the diet they return. Seems like mast cell activation syndrome or autoimmune response like to me, burning nerve pain worse in the cold. I used to run 3 miles a day. Now I struggle to run 1.5 miles with significant joint pain impacting my ability to do my job as a PT. Not one doctor has been able to help me and no contact from CDC on my adverse event. Thank god my primary care said I am not a candidate for second shot, not sure how that would have went. I used to see MD once a year for physical. I now have cardiologist for my new arrhythmia, neurologist for burning nerve pain, and yet to meet allergist later this month. Not one medical professional could help me except for the functional nutritionist. I have heard similar stories from other people on my clinic. Something is definitely not right and I have never felt more alone and helpless. I continue to eat healthy, sleep, and exercise hoping I can heal from this hell.

-K.F - Rhode Island"

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