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K.G. – Ohio

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I received my first Moderna vaccine on December 27,2020 and my second one on January 24,2021. I am a healthy female who works at a surgery center very active. After my first vaccine i had a sore arm and fatigue which then went away. After the second vaccine my life changed forever. Roughly 10 hrs after the vaccine i started to feel sick, body aches so bad, cold sweats, nauseas and a horrible headache. This went on for 2 days, I couldn’t move. Three weeks after the second shot i still didn’t feel right, joint pain and horrible fatigue. I found myself sleeping as soon as i got home from work which wasn’t like me. I have two young kids. I decided to go to my primary doctor and got blood work done, all other vitals were fine. I got called the next day as my CBC was not normal and my white blood cell count was extremely low. For the next few months i was going in for blood draws and nothing improved, i still had joint pain and fatigue. She decided to test me for rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease and other inflammatory markers. Everything came back normal so she was stumped and sent me to a hematologist. They drew more blood and everything was normal besides my CBC. I went and got a bone marrow biopsy to rule out cancer and thank god it was ruled out but she is still baffled on why I’m in so much pain. I asked her could it be from the vaccine, she told me absolutely and looked at previous bloodwork all the way back to 2018 and everything has always been normal until February of 2021. She said she has seen some crazy blood issues in people post vaccine that she is still trying to fix. She told me not to get the booster that it attacked my wbc. I have to go back and get another blood draw to see if they are coming back to normal range. Still to this day feel tired and joint pain and constantly feel like i am fighting an illness. Also been getting weird cold sensations that go down my left leg to my foot. Which I’m not sure is connected in anyway. I am also set up to see a rheumatologist and a endocrinologist. This vaccine has definitely taken a toll on my mental health. Let’s stop the madness especially for the younger kids.

-K.G. - Ohio"

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