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K.H. – New York

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


In July, four months after the Pfizer vaccine, my symptoms are still increasing in number and strength- numbness on the tip of my tongue and lower lip, jaw pain and metallic taste in my mouth like there’s a metal bar stabbing through from jaw to jaw, extreme neck/shoulder pain, foggy brain, blurry vision, out-of-body sensations, intense continuous headaches, internal tingling and electrical-feeling vibration in all muscles, heart racing, tightness in my chest, high blood pressure, popping joints, difficulty with word-retrieval, numbness in various parts of my body, weakness, dizziness, swelling of ankles and fingers, shortness of breath, and an all-consuming fatigue. These sensations diminish somewhat in the morning, then increase as each day goes on, and are very distracting and painful by each evening. My arthritic knee aches in a new and alarming way. Sleep is difficult and filled with bad dreams full of pain. I am unable to work a full day, enjoy my life, or exercise as I used to before the vaccine. I have to plan my activities each day, and decide how to expend my limited energy. I was a happy person, hiking every day with friends, opening a new art gallery and was thrilled to get the vaccine to be able to teach art and socialize with friends and family again. I struggle with a deep sadness that this is my life now.

-K.H. - New York"

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