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K.L. – Iowa

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I live on the border of Iowa and Minnesota. My district highly encouraged us to get vaccines and made them available in February 2021. I have a high sensitivity to many medications and some food allergies but am otherwise very healthy at the age of 59. I took the 1st dose of Moderna and had side effects for about 6 weeks. The headache/flue symptoms occurred 2 weeks after the shot. I chose not to get the second out of a bad gut feeling. Human Resource manager hunted me down and made me feel guilty for ""not showing up"" for shot#2. I am happy I did not get the shot.

I got extreme heat exhaustion (severe migraine headache) and heart palpitations after working outside for 1.5 hours in late June. This is not like me. It took 2 days to feel normal.

-K.L. - Iowa"

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