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K.L. – Maryland

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Prior to getting the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine, I was a highly active 38 year old, working as a Registered Nurse. I am considered healthy (no underlying conditions except hypertension & migraines). Here is the timeline of what happened after I was inoculated with the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine:

1/6- 1st Moderna Covid Vaccine: presented with Raynaud’s Syndrome 4.5 hrs afterwards for 15-30 minute episodes (never had this occur before the vaccine). Followed up with my primary care provider, and now am being seen by a rheumatologist. Provided counsel that being administered 2nd dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine benefits outweighed the risks.

2/3- 2nd Moderna Covid Vaccine: Started getting itchy bumps on bilateral front of neck about a week later. Then had what seemed like a pimple appear above my right eyebrow on 2/15, by 2/21 my right eye was swollen. By 2/24, I was diagnosed with shingles in the right eye. On 3/1, I was sent to the ER to rule out Guillain Barre (I did not have this), but was not given diagnosis. Had bilateral lower leg muscle weakness, and upper neck/shoulder muscle weakness pain/fatigue. By 3/5- muscle/joint pain, muscle weakness, paresthesia in various areas of my body at various intervals, nausea, dizziness, constant headache, blurred vision, muscle twitching. I was seen by Neurologists in what some would call the best in the world, and ordered multiple invasive tests, without any defining diagnosis resulting from my time spent in Neurology. I was evaluated by Dermatology in this same institution for other tests, to rule out other diagnoses. Tests were unable to determine the cause. All came back negative. My toes continued to remain numb the entire time & they had difficulty regulating my body temperature in my extremities to perform specific tests, however they were unable to treat me due to finding a specific diagnosis. Multiple specialities were unable to provide me with any explanation as to why my body is reacting to the vaccine with these “complicated” symptoms. The best explanation I was given is that my body is having an autoimmune/rheumatologic reaction to the vaccine based on my family predisposition to rheumatological disorders, and I may never find out the diagnosis or why my body is responding this way, but doctors are “positive” that my body will go back to normal within 6 months. Evaluated by rheumatology, unable to find diagnosis.

Continued to have symtpoms that “wax and wane”. Beginning of May- evaluated in ER for 4 episodes of sudden Shortness of Breath, near Syncope, chest pain, left sided arm weakness, left arm numbness/pain, heart palpitations. EKG showed RBBB with other concerned readings. Unable to find emergent findings and disposition was discharge home with referral to another specialist (cardiology). Previous EKG’s prior to vaccine were normal sinus rhythm. Waiting for opening with cardiologist for evaluation for Postural Orthostatic Hypertension Syndrome, and being evaluated by an allergist/immunologist for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

I have been thoroughly evaluated by some of the top Providers in the world, and referred to numerous specialists throughout that insitution. These different specialities are unable to find a clear diagnosis to explain any of these symptoms that are happening in my body.

I went from being a highly active, healthy 38 year old woman to a woman who is easily fatigued, has herpes like rashes on her face and different painful, rashes appearing on her body, dry mouth, red eyes, muscle weakness, muscle twitching, numbness in various body parts in different times of the day, vertigo, blurred vision, joint pain, brain fog. Doctors are unable to give me a diagnosis. I would like to understand what has happened to my body so I can begin to treat myself, even if no one else seems to be able to treat it.

Thank you,

K.L. - Maryland"

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