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K.L. – Texas

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


In March, I got the JnJ vaccine even though I was very worried about allergic reactions of which I have many. That is why I would not consider the 2 shot series. I have been researching homeopathy, so I decided to use a protocol to help keep from having reactions. The protocol I used is as follows: Twice a day take one dose Thuja Occ. 30c let dissolve under tongue; 15 minutes later take Silicea 30c let disolve under tongue. Do not eat or drink within 15 minutes of taking. Do the above for one week prior to taking vaccine, the day of the vaccine, and for 1 week after the vaccine. You don't want to keep taking it after this. Also, you may take Ledum 30c and Hypericum perf. 30c the day of injection for soreness. I used this protocol and the only known problem I had was that 5 hours later my throat started swelling. I do this with food also, so I know to take Apis mel 30c or 200c right away keeping my epi-pen in reserve in case. I had 30c and took it every 15 minutes til much better then a few more doses a few hrs apart and had no more problem. I did have a rash under my arms in days to come that possibly could have been from the shot. So a couple months later I took Thuja occ. 200c 2xd for a couple weeks and it faded out. It came back and I only had to use it again for a few days. I had no sore arm, headache, fever, feeling sick, or any of the other side effects people have had. Whatever symptoms you have may be treatable with homeopathy because homeopathy treats by symptoms. You can research homeopathy online lots of places!

-K.L. - Texas"

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