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K.M. – Ohio

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.




I've been hesitant to tell many people about this as I typically try not to involve myself in controversial topics,, as I know many have strong beliefs one way or another and I never wanna feel I'm impeding on anyone's beliefs. With that being said I feel I need to share. Y'all its not been a good experience for me at all. End of March I decided to get the vaccine my son asked that everyone be vaccinated to be around his child which i completely respect. I didnt make the decision lightly. I decided to get it. The first shot my arm was sore no problems. I got the second shot april 23. The day after I was very tired, dizzy nauseous and a very bad headache. That weekend my left shoulder got messed up it felt tight and was popping real bad and my range of motion very limited. After the weekend i felt better but still very tired dizzy and nauseous I missed my monthly period as it was to come beginning of april so I took pregnancy test negative it finally came middle of may. I've never missed a cycle unless preg this flew up red flags immediately. I finally went to urgent care due to my shoulder and he told me I tore my rotator cuff put me on steroids. This is when things took a.turn for the worse. After my last steroid dose on a wed

night the next day I felt very wierd that night I went to wash my face b4 bed and my face hurt so bad to touch then when I touched my back it was an awful bruise type pain but nothing thier. By the friday morning I woke up my face was severely swollen and my entire body was in so much pain my skin was painful to touch my toes are numb as well, I called my dr she told me to come in right away. She was in complete loss as to what was going on the dose of steroid I was on should not have done this. The scale read 137lbs I about fell over. I weigh 120 I wear a size 3 I'm still in my a size 3 so that shows you the water weight is all over my body ALL OVER.... I finally told the dr I haven't felt good since the last shot and explained all that she instantly knew now ""your body has been thrown into an autoimmune response and is attacking itself"" she said this is so odd. She took alot of blood work. Which all came back bad all very high out of range markers and I have tested positive for an autoimmune disease (thinking lupus) ugh. The dr called I go see her this Friday to discuss treatment however she said she does not believe I actually have an autoimmune disease just yet she believes this inflammation is all due to the maderna shot and how my body has reacted to it. WHAT THE HELL IS IN THIS SHOT!!!!!! I just want to feel better, I've been an absolute mess for weeks now😢😢 sadly it's gotten worse. I began to have convulsions had to have emergency surgery as my body was attacking my bones the disk in my neck are so bad it cut off spinal fluid flow they had to take my disks c2-7 and do a fusion. I had no previous problems known till after vaccine dr couldnt explain why they were so bad so fast without any prior complications of.neck. I have no feeling in parts of my shins and legs. My head and face go numb on n off..I suffer with brain fog constant migrains. I've seen many drs and still only diagnosis I can get is chronic migraines a typical and hemi paliegic migraines. My vision is a mess I cant seem to focus long at all. My life has just not been the same since getting this vaccine. I've been told my symptoms are from anxiety to being told I was making it up ( convulsions) ... yea the ER actually accused me to making up having convulsions as the ambulance brought me in for that🤔... they discharged me with anxiety and psychiatric disorders... this vaccine has hit my nervous system an my heart as I now have tachycardia and being tested right now for inflammation around the heart. I'm tired of drs ignoring me and dismissing the fact I was fine till i got this vaccine and now my life is hell. I just want them to listen to us research this so we can get a clear diagnosis this giving us an adequate treatment plan. We deserve to be heard

-K.M. - Ohio"

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