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K.N. – Colorado

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"In Feb 2O19 I had Covid. The ER and medical professionals knew nothing about Covid 19 at this point here in CO. After being sent home with” an upper respiratory viral infection “, 5 weeks of a cough that I just knew was lung cancer, fatigued so much walking to the bathroom was a chore and no treatment was given. A month plus later “Covid” was now a pandemic. I eventually got through it miraculously. I did not get sick again for 18 months until the Pfizer shots.

I was apprehensive about taking the vaccine. I am a healthy 53 year mom of a 15 year old daughter. I questioned long term affects specifically for her as she is still growing and hormonal.

Eventually I caved and we got the shots. Sick on the 1st shot (both my daughter and I with flu like symptoms and fatigue). The 2nd Pfizer shot knocked us for a loop. She missed her first few days of high school (after already missing her Freshman year) with a fever of 102. In addition, it has been over 2mths since the shot and she has had her period 5x in 60 days. Myself- I ended up with Anaphylactic Shock, shingles so bad I couldn’t sleep because the sheets touching my body sent excruciating pain down my body and my hair started shedding in clumps. 2 months later I still have a red circle the size of a baseball on my arm. Now I’m exempt from the booster as I have all ER paperwork . I am constantly finding weird lumps, skin tags etc…, appear on my body out of nowhere."

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