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K.N. – Ohio

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I got the Moderna vaccine on 12/23. I felt a little metal taste but nothing much. The next day I had the typical flu like symptoms as I expected. The third day I went back to my routine of working out. On the treadmill my feet felt heavy, like they were asleep. It was weird but didn’t think much of it. Over the next 3 weeks the numbness travelled from my feet to my hips, skipped my torso and I woke up and couldn’t even hold a coffee cup because my hands and forearms were numb. Then I felt it travel up my arms to my neck and head. That night I laid there thinking I was having a seizure. I had Zaps in my brain and felt like a laser scanning my brain from top to bottom, it woke me up 3 times that night. The numbness eventually went away but was replaced with severe nerve pain. My MRI was normal. They thought I had transverse myelitis but can’t prove it because I didn’t have any scarring on my brain. She thinks I have Small Fiber Neuropathy. I can’t control my temperature, can’t sweat, except my tires and anything that touches my skin hurts. I’ve had get like a tourniquet around my right thigh above my knee, I thought it was a blood clot but my PCP said it was not but was related to the nerve issues. It’s been since 12/23 and while the numbness is gone, the nerve pain is just as bad. My feet do go numb when I stand in one place like during surgery. I was VERY healthy and active before this and this has really messed me up, only got one shot.

K.N. - Ohio"

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