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K.R. – Kentucky

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Hello. My name is K R. I am suffering, so far, long term affects from one dose of Pfizer. I got the vax on a military installation on March 18, 2021 at 28 years old (now 29) ​

Vaccine Symptoms: within a few minutes of getting my jab I had a horrible pounding headache at the base of my neck/head. I was told by military medics it was normal. After an hour I went home. That headache stayed for a week or two. On day two I woke up with a swollen, red, painful left eye. To keep the email as short as possible I’ll skip the urgent care “treatment”

A week or so later the pain continued (swelling was gone) and I lost vision in my left eye. I lost peripheral vision and couldn’t see below my eye. And it was extremely blurry. The ER on post grilled me for taking my kids instead of focusing on my vision loss. An ultrasound was normal. He said I wasn’t an emergency and sent me home. He had no concern that I got the vaccine prior.

I saw an ophthalmologist the next day who didn’t physically see anything wrong. He scheduled me to come back. My next apt he started to see some inflammation and cells floating. I also failed my field vision test in my left eye.

I had another apt and it spread to my right eye.

Bilateral uveitis and vision loss was my diagnosis. I continued to see him, trying different meds and steroids. My eye pressure went from 13 to 27. My vision went from 20/20 to 20/50. The pain continues in both eyes to this day.

Specialists: ophthalmologist, neuro ophthalmologist, retina specialist, primary doc, and rheumatologist. Autonomic Dysfunction clinic (I see them for pots but have let them know everything and they see no correlation with my symptoms now and pots)

Tests: ultrasound (good), field vision tests (multiple) failed, 17 tubes of blood, mri (good), and other eye tests idk the names of.

My c reactive protein came back high. My sed rate came back high, and my ANA came back positive

(I had an Ana in 2016 when I was diagnosed with pots and it was NEGATIVE)

My neuro ophthalmologist and retina specialist told me they see patients all the time with eye problems after vaccine

I suffer to this day. Every day is a challenge

-K.R. - Kentucky"

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