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K.R. – Oregon

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I'm not real active but healthy I do have to have a knee replacement in Oct. I took the first Moderna shot Friday March 5 and was ok that day . Saturday woke up ok then at about 1pm my whole right arm (injection side) started hurting then I started feeling flu like symptoms and dizzy this lasted about 5 hours and then I was ok no more problems.

On April 2 I went for the booster at 2pm I was ok until about 6pm when my feet lower legs, and hands started cramping. I started drinking water gatorade anything to help nothing did. I would sit, stretch, stand anything to make it stop. Finally about 11pm it started to subside and went away. Saturday morning woke up ok feeling fine by 2pm I started feeling all the flu like symptoms again along with feeling faint and weak. I started felling so bad I went to bed. Body aches, fever, felt like I couldn't even stand up, I was in bed for three days, then was able to work part days for the next 4days till it went away.

Couple weeks go by I notice my knee is hurting more and then my shoulders and back are hurting then to the point I can't lift my arms the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep I even took some pain mads still no relief. Then I'm just not feeling like myself, tired, fatigue, my concentration not the same emotional it wasn't real bad I just brushed it off as over working, I got to the point I was only working 5hrs a day and could hardly make it home I don't even know how I drove home sometimes. Then I started not having an appetite and bad stomach pain, feeling a queazy stomach, fatigue, dizzy nothing tasted good. this has gone on now for 2-1/2 months I lost over 15LBS. Seen Dr 6/8 & 7/26 all labs are good put me on omeprazole 1x daily I'm taking 2x and still don't feel well but able to work 8 hours now. Going forward is unknown for know.

I did mention that I thought it was from the Vaccine and got no reply.

-K.R. -Oregon"

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