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K.S. – New York

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/28/2021

I had the Moderna Vaccine on 3/22/21. One to two days later I started having headaches on one side of my head. By 3/26 I started having covid like symptom fever/chills I went to my family Dr. she did a Covid test which came back negative. On 4/13 she sent me for a chest X-ray. Which showed that my symptom had progressed to slight pneumonia. I was given antibiotics. On 4/26 I had another chest X-ray which showed that my condition was worsening. I was sent to a Pulmonologist, It was decided I would have to have the fluid in-between my lung and the lining of my lung removed. Another covid test was taken. With negative results. I was admitted to the hospital for a same day procedure on 4/28/21 a Thoracentesis (needle passed through ribs into the area between the lung and lining of the lung) which produced 1.8L of fluid. After the procedure I had difficulty breathing and pain in my left lung. A CT scan was done. I was admitted to the hospital. A CT guided left thoracentesis with tube placement was done on 4/30 which remained in my side until my discharge on 5/6. (I believe another 3 to 3.5L were removed) I was given iv antibiotics during my stay in the hospital. I still have fluid around my lung. I have pain when I breath. it is now 6/30 101 day from when I got the covid vaccine

K.S. New York"

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