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K.S. – Rhode Island

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"Thank you for putting this together. While I am sad that so many people are suffering, I am grateful to find a space where the stories are being gathered in the hopes that they can be taken seriously, and that we can find ways to fight COVID and protect the public from vaccine injury. I, too, am in support of vaccines and chose to be vaccinated to be part of trying to protect the broader community. But I am also aware that any new science needs time and observation to know where it might be causing harm.​

I have not been taken seriously by doctors when I link my worsening of symptoms to the vaccine.

I did not have a particularly bad acute reaction; a bit of arm soreness and 24 hours or so of fever/malaise.

However, over the course of the first two months after getting my first shot, there was a steady worsening of pre-existing auto-immune type symptoms that I've had for years, and the addition of heart symptoms I've never had in my life.

My symptoms include severe whole body muscle pain, moderate weakness and cramping, pitting edema, heart palpations, vasovagal episodes, heart pressure and pain. .

I continue to be significantly unwell and unable to participate in the activities I was able to before being vaccinated. The severity of my heart symptoms have improved, but I still regularly feel like my heart is squeezing/working too hard and and easily breathless and winded.

All bloodwork has been normal, and very little was detected in multiple heart workups (I've been to the ER 3x and to a cardiologist for additional testing).

K.S. - Rhode Island"

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