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K.T. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My 73 year old father suffered a stroke in January 2021 five hours after his first injection. He began to lose his ability to speak and had a difficult time moving. We decided the vaccine as the reason and rushed him to the ER where they found a large clot in his brain. He spent a few days in the hospital and came home to recover. He previously saw a cardiologist because he had some benign heart issues that they wanted to monitor. His cardiologist said he may have suffered A fib which caused the clot. He discounted the vaccine as the trigger. The ER doctor also discounted the vaccine as the cause for this sudden onset. He was then implanted with a heart device to monitor heart function. He had it placed for 8 weeks which showed not one episode of A fib. We are convinced the moderna vaccine triggered a blood clot which caused the stroke. We have notified VAERS but have never begun contacted for more information on his condition. The drug companies either don’t care or are hiding behind the immunity from being responsible for causing serious and disabling conditions. My dad was an active and healthy man who know has trouble moving his legs and still has trouble with finding words. This has caused him to develop depression and has diminished his quality of life. As a family we decided not to become vaccinated. I urge everyone that is not in a high risk group to not get the vaccine because the reactions are unknown. One person can be completely fine where others develop side effects that will cause a lifelong disability. The government has not been transparent regarding the amount of people suffering side affects. The vaccine has now shown that it is losing efficacy within 8 months. The virus is mutating into different strains which are not protected with the current vaccine. The cost versus benefits should be considered by each individual and decide for themselves whether or not to get the shot. The push for vaccine is political. That’s not a good reason to trust these are safe for all people. Thank you for reading my families experience with the covid vaccine.

-K.T. - Florida"

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