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K.W. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I was so excited to get my first dose of the Moderna on March 23rd to my local drive-thru vaccination site. I waited the required 15 minutes, because I had no known allergies. As I am driving away, right around the 16 minute mark, my throat starts closing up and my breathing is labored. I knew in my heart of hearts I would not make it either to 1. Back to the vaccination site or 2. Home (both, less than 5 miles away). I immediately pulled over and called 911. Paramedics arrived in less than five minutes (but seemed like an eternity). They immediately took me to the hospital giving me a large dose of Benadryl to counteract the reaction. The doctor said I had an anaphylactic reaction and was minutes from death. Nobody, I mean, Nobody was more surprised than I was that this happened. I am a healthy, 52 year old female, with no known allergies (except for whatever is in the Moderna vaccine apparently).

I was strongly advised Not to get the second dose, but that I should get my antibodies tested to see if I have immunity to fight the virus. I did get my antibodies tested and it shows that I do, in fact, have a quantative amount of antibodies, just how much is unknown. The funny thing is, I still want to get vaccinated, but, the stakes are too high. I did report my reaction to the CDC-VAERS and have received text messages requesting my symptoms daily since this happened. There is still so much we do not know. So, it is good they are gathering data.

Side note: I was somewhat of the guinea pig getting the vaccine to show my husband, no problem, easy peasy...well, that backfired - lol. Now, he and my adult son have given a hard pass on getting it.

-K.W. - Florida"

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