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K.Z. – Texas

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"This all happened from 3am Saturday 10/9 to 6pm Saturday 10/9.. 12 hours almost to the minute after the 2nd shot. I am immunocompromised with MS and was very very hesitant about getting the vsccine. When pressed and encouraged by my doctor to get the vaccines and do it now...I asked a very important question to me, i asked how do we know if I would make antibodies after my MS treatments? Well that started a ling series of testing my blood for viruses, active infections, cbc panels etc. 10 vials of blood were taken and all came back normal ranges. So I felt relieved somewhat that I was healthy enough to have the shot. I chose Pfizer as it had the lowest load. I believe that if I had the Moderna shot I would not be here today

I am writing this so I can let it out so that I can resolve my own trauma. Also, I write so that I can have the record of memories! Everyone will now know that I am a living statistic personally. Something really bizzare and scary happened to me. My own newly minted advice - Have someone with you the 1st 24 hrs after ANY vaccination for any reason. Being alone is not being responsible and I did not know that nor was I informed and I am by no means dumb.

I became a statistically improbable possibility overnight from the 2nd Pfizer vaccine and have had the worst experience and scary 36 hrs of my life. And the Mfg says is not possible with their vaccine!😳 And all kinds of roadblocks exist to reporting it.

I woke up at 3am on Saturday morning in hypothermic body shaking under 5 blankets but body was fine and warm but not hot or sweaty. I started feeling hypothermic. Shaking and chattering my teeth violently. I started my soothing biofeedback processes. Halfway thru I realized I needed to pee.

Then trying to get up out of bed I realized I had lost all muscle functioning ability from mid back down thru toes. I had to use my hands to move my feet and coulnt roll over. Total Paralysis but I could feel my toes when I was able to drop foot out of bed. Completely unable to walk exactly 12 hours from Pfizer shot and all I had done was sleep. I thought I was having a bad dream.

Way worse, I tried to stand and my legs crympled to the floor like no skeleton to hold me up. I felt like I had no bones in my body.

Incontinence immediately followed w/complete voiding on the floor. Over and over every ounce of liquid cane out as I dragged myself across the floor. I have had incontinence before but never this violent or volume.

Unable to move, peeing and had to crawl across the floor with my fingertips pulling me to shower. Could not stand so showered on floor by pulling down the showerhead faucet I use for cleaning. Excruciating muscle pain throughout lower half of body. Writhing in pain complete exhaustion and muscle fatigue I pulled myself to a chair then scooted the chair to bed and could not sit up just kept flopping over. Could barely roll over. I was in so much excruciating pain. I pulled and clawed myself into bed and passed out rwo hours aftee i awoke.

Yes I could have called 911 but I could not get to my phone and nothing would be found because all my labs were just normal and I physically could not go unlock the door.

My MS has never hurt. Like the shot used and attacked my body using my MS as the pathway. These were worse reactions than the 1st 2 halves of Ocrevus infusions that left me with walking issues that you all see and where I lost complete ability to dance and run 3 weeks after 2nd half dose. Infusing anything into my body now is not good. No issues with 1st shot. This was the worst pain I have ever been in and I have lived thru herniated discs and jaw infections because of allergies to pain killers. Cvid would be so horrible on me and I do not wish it on any human or animal!

Now a day later- 36hrs forward all is fine? I am okay now? What just happened to me!!! Reported to VAERS because no Dr nor pharmacy would report. CVS asked me how I got to their number. wtf? Was told there was no place to enter that. I had to contact a supervisor to get it into my record.

I am grateful to be alive! I am back to normal but still overwhelmingly tired all the time now.

While It's rare - it's certainly not isolated. I would like to say for the haters out there that I am not provaxx or antivaxx and there is definitely not enough information or follow-up on vaccinations. All I can do is tell my story, report it and now inform others to take their own precautions when making decisions. There was nothing more I could have done to prepare. I made a sound decision through much prayer, doctor consults, and a ton of lab testing. I am probably the first person that can scietifically prove it was the shot as I have lab work to prove all was a go at T Minus 1. Never did anyone tell me that I should have someone watch me and help me. My decision in measuring risk of Cvid death from shot was outshined by even smaller infinitesimal percentages. 0.0008% of the entire world vaccinations left me a risk to myself 🤯

God works in mysterious ways and now I have been given a second chance and you better believe I will testify! This is God working thru me to help others! I will be called upon in big and small ways and I am ready.

There will be no further injections or infusions of any kind. And all doctors working on advising me are now going to prove to me with 99.9992% accuracy that their propsals with data backing their quantitative assumptions will not harm my safety and my health!

“The mere fact that a person has not received a specific vaccine does not make them a threat to others’ health and safety. In contrast, vaccines they have elected not to have may very well be a threat to their own health and safety.”

-K.Z. - Texas


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