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Kaylene Grui

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Normal - I had very few medical issues, I went annually for a check up and routine labs. I was active, my husband and I enjoyed going out with friends, attending concerts and events. We lived a normal active life there wasn't anything I couldn't do or was afraid to do.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Jan 10th 2021 - FIrst episode, had nausea vomiting, and the scariest was my heart started racing, it would go from 70-80 beats/min up to 120/130 beats/min with me just sitting doing nothing. April 8th 2021 - Second significant episode, i believe i had some small ones in Feb and March but cant remember exactly, very similar, generalized not feeling well in the morning, I was nauseous I vomited once or twice, my heart rate was variable, in the afternoon, my heart started to race I was nauseous, I was on a trip with a friend, she ended up calling 911 because it wasn't improving, ambulance arrived took my vital signs, ekg, all "looked ok" but i did go to the ED to be evaluated there were no significant findings. Was sent home with a "potential" bladder infection given a small round of antibiotics. June 2022 to August 2022, things escalated significantly, I was having anywhere from 1 to 6/7 episodes a week, many times i would have multiple within a day, episodes would often include one or more of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, heart racing, chest pain, shortness of breath, air hunger, feeling of impending doom literally like I was going to die. Between April 2022 and about September 2022 I had at least 3-5 ambulance rides, 5-7 ED visits, 3 urgent care visits, multiple medical procedures including a 2 week zio patch heart monitor, echocardiogram, stress echocardiogram, I underwent an electrophysiology study to see if an ablation was a viable option.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Hydration - lots of water Liquid IV - for salt (thinking maybe I had or have POTS Metoprolol did help get my heart rate under control ultimately i had to stop it prior to the electrophysiology study and due to side effects I have not gone back on it In December 2022 I started seeing a Chiropractor/Holistic practitioner , she started me on cardio plus, NAC, Nattokinase, Zypan, Iodine, and Relax-max. The holistic medications and supplements are the only thing that have given me my life back in the last 5 months. Along with that, I am eating a dairy free diet for the time being. that has significantly helped with decreasing inflammation and decreasing chest pain and GI issues.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Any of the heart testing or medications. I don't have a heart issue it is an Autonomic Nervous System issue for the most part that hasn't still be figured out.

What would you like others to know?

The COVID vaccine was the worst thing I could have received. I am a nurse and it was required that I get it or I loose my job. I, at the time, didn't have any medical reasons that would have allowed me to qualify for an exemption. I never tested positive for COVID so I don't know if having the virus was a factor or not, the timing just lines up that all of this started after my 1st booster dose. I am not sure if I will ever be able to completely live a normal life, or the life I had pre-covid vaccine.
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