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L.A. – South Carolina

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I’m so glad that I found this site because I have searching for answers for months and have not found anywhere to turn. I just want to k ow if anyone else has had anything similar happening to them. First of all, all year I look forward to spring and summer because I love the sun and warm weather. I am a nurse in an emergency department and I was very hesitant to get the vaccine but I did because I was afraid to take the virus home to my family. I got the vaccine in December as soon as I could and the second dose accordingly. I had a very strong immune response and fever with flu like symptoms afterwards for about a week. Then I was ok other than feeing tired. Well, as soon as spring and warm weather got here I noticed something that had never happened to me before. When I go outside , even for a minute, if I get hot, I start itching all over like I’m having an allergic reaction. No rash. Just severe itching. I thought at first it was related to the sun. But it’s not. I can be in the shade, sitting in the car, even I. The shower with the water a little too warm now- it’s just if my body gets a little to warm- I literally can’t stand it. The itching is so bad all over my body that I can’t stand to be in my skin. I haven’t been able to enjoy being outside in my favorite seasons at all. I can’t figure out what else it could possibly be related to. If anyone else has had anything similar please respond. I feel like I’m going crazy. I also still feel very tired, and I have had cold symptoms off and on most of the summer. I’m am not a sickly person and I am usually very active and in the gym 4-5 days a week. This has not been the case lately. I feel like a different person.

-L.A. - South Carolina"

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