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L.B. – Oklahoma

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I received my 2nd injection of Moderna January 28. Started having joint and muscle pains late March. Just thought I was overdoing my yoga exercises which I did 6 days a week. Felt tired and run down, then developed swelling in all my fingers, had a full body rash then woke up to blue finger tips on several of my fingers. Went to my primary care dr several times that week and was diagnosed with Raynaud’s. Finally after two trips to my small town ER for excruciating pain I was transferred to a larger hospital when a vascular surgeon saw me and told me I had micro emboli in my fingers and started me on a Eliquis which is a blood thinner and sent me home. The next day I wasn’t any better and pain was unbearable when my hands got cold. Went back to the ER and was admitted for 6 days. The drs ran every test and all turned up negative for every test they could think of, Finally when pain was tolerable I was sent home. I saw a hand surgeon and had a procedure to attempt to open the blood flow. It failed and in no time my finger tip was shriveled up and completely dead. I was sent to a rheumatologist thinking maybe I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, she immediately put all my information together and sent a request to the Mayo Clinic. While waiting to go my middle finger tip on the right hand was amputated due to dry gangrene and there was a blood clot in the artery of the tip stopping the blood flow. I also had continuous problems with the small finger on the left hand. Once I arrived at the Mayo all my tests for any underlying diseases were negative still. The vaccine had caused this and the drs there confirmed. A normal, healthy fit woman had a blood clot caused by an unapproved vaccine. I continue to have joint pain and decreased circulation in several fingers. They continue to turn white and blue when they are cold. I have to wear gloves and use warm packs when I’m in a cold building and now that I am back at work I have to make sure I keep them warm . I am a Registered Nurse and have been for 34 years. I am worried everyday I might lose another finger or worse. I wake up every morning and immediately check my fingers and toes for any discoloration. This has been traumatic and life altering. I pray every night that the worse side effects are over. I fear I will never be feel normal again. I took pictures everyday of how my fingers looked since this nightmare started also.

-L.B. - Oklahoma"

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